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Hemp Reporter Partner | CannaSpyglass: Cannabis Data Platform

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Oklahoma City, OK, April 5, 2023 - CannaSpyglass is pleased to announce a new partnership with Texas Hemp Reporter, an Austin-based, full-color magazine that features growers and cannabis professionals in Texas. This strategic collaboration combines the unique strengths of both companies to extend their reach and benefit their respective customers.

Through this strategic partnership, Texas Hemp Reporter will utilize the high-quality cannabis data provided by CannaSpyglass to expand the reach of their content. In return, CannaSpyglass will benefit from an increased presence in Texas and neighboring markets. Additionally, this partnership enables clients of both companies to access each other's services with a 15% discount

"We are thrilled to partner with Texas Hemp Reporter," said Warren Bunch of CannaSpyglass. "Our strategy is to collaborate with companies like Texas Hemp Reporter to mutually benefit both our companies and our clients!"

Texas Hemp Reporter is a bi-monthly cannabis and hemp industry publication that covers technology, finance, banking, health, culture, and legislative updates. Available online and in print, the magazine reaches over 10,000 businesses across Texas. Texas Hemp Reporter also hosts a weekly podcast called the Texas Hemp Show, featuring guest appearances from cannabis and hemp operators, advocates, and industry professionals. 

Media publications, ancillary businesses, and related industry associations aiming to advance their business objectives are encouraged to join CannaSpyglass' Partnership program. By doing so, they can access the benefits of a valuable sales channel alliance and jointly achieve success.

Why CannaSpyglass?

CannaSpyglass offers subscription services that provide dependable, on-demand, and exclusive cannabis industry analytics. Our insights cover vital data on cannabis cultivation, business statistics, and enterprise information within the rapidly growing cannabis sector. Whether you are an established industry leader seeking business expansion or a lawmaker requiring essential research to inform policy, our up-to-date, cloud-based data can be tailored to your specific interests and regions.