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A toolbox to make cannabis industry data simple to access

 Whatever the data you need, you'll find it fast in CannaSpyglass
A snippet of what some of the cannabis data points provided by CannaSpyglass look like. Text reads: 30+ Data-points per business in CSG.

Reliable cannabis data without hours of searching and formatting

Get access to pre-built reports for operators, brands, vendors, associations, and other players in the cannabis market, including the all-important decision-makers with no hidden fields.

Fine-tune results with filters and export with a single click. When more complex datasets are needed, our report builder tools create custom reports with data from across the platform. Alternatively, our team will build it for you!


Remove uncertainty and see the bigger picture 

Whether your focus is operators, water vendors, tax revenues, or something else, we have current and historical data by state, county, city, and more.

Make confident business decisions to support your growth and supply-chain needs.

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Chat with AI and get answers to your cannabis industry questions

Get up to speed with the cannabis industry with ChatCSGSM, an integrated AI assistant trained on thousands of cannabis news articles, laws and regulations, and other resources.

Get detailed and accurate responses, plus a list of sources to easily verify ChatCSGSM answers.


Visualize what's important to you in the local area

Use our interactive map for a bird's eye view of opportunities, competitors, utilities, and more across the United States.

Mapping the local cannabis data gives you additional context, helping you see crowded spaces, untapped locations, and critical services in your supply chain. 

  • Licensed Operators
  • Local Vendors
  • Medical Practitioners
A visualization of regional data plotted on an interactive map. The data is provided by CannaSpyglass, a cannabis market data platform for cannabis businesses.
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Get curated news from the world of cannabis

We've partnered with trusted sources, like Cannabis Industry Journal, to bring you the latest on legislation, regulatory practices, cannabis cultivation, processing, retail dispensaries, social media, and more, all from the comfort of the CannaSpyglass home screen. 


Choose how and where you want your cannabis data 

Backed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the CannaSpyglass platform offers fast web and mobile access, plus direct API access to pass data to your CRM, marketing automation, and business intelligence platforms.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Enterprise-Grade Scalability
  • Enterprise-Grade Interoperability
Circle logos for CannabSpyglass, Amazon Web Services, and API for application programming interface.


Where does the data come from?

We pull accurate data from over 150 sources and continuously add to this. These sources include public records, as well as proprietary methods, and data sourced by our internal research team.

How often is your data refreshed?

Typically monthly, but sometimes more frequent based on the availability of new data.

What geographies do you cover?

We provide enriched data across all 50 states and territories for marijuana and hemp. 

Who are the contacts in your platform?

Our priority is decision-makers for each operator, and then we expand to other key functions and operational roles.

How does CSG work with our team?

There are several ways, the first being your ability to access our data directly in our application. When necessary, our research team can also service additional data requests or work to feed your systems with data using our API.  Think of us as an extension of your existing team.

Do you do marketing or compliance work?

Our focus is on data quality. Our network of clients in the cannabis community offers such services, and we'd be more than happy to make an introduction.

Still need convincing?

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