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Warren Bunch Talks Cannabis Data with Texas Hemp Reporter

A banner for the Texas Hemp Show podcast featuring Warren Bunch, co-founder of CannaSpyglass. CannaSpyglass provides cannabis business data.

In the 125th episode of the Texas Hemp Show, the podcast spotlight shone on CannaSpyglass founder, Warren Bunch. The episode, aptly named "Cannabis Data," focused on the importance of sourcing reputable and highly-trusted data in the cannabis industry.

CannaSpyglass grew from the shared ambition of Warren Bunch and his business partner, Adam Hutchinson. The duo ventured into the world of cannabis cultivation in Oklahoma with a licensed operation, only to find themselves grappling with a market deficient in accurate and reliable cannabis data.

"In the process of trying to profit from our harvest, we struggled to find suitable buyers for our produce. It was a challenge identifying the license holders, prompting us to develop a comprehensive database."

The database they created was extensive, incorporating operator names, emails, and phone numbers, as well as the physical locations of licensed entities. They quickly identified a common struggle shared by others in the industry - a thirst for accurate data. This marked the commencement of an 18-month endeavor to amass cannabis data for the entire United States.

Warren noted, "The internet can be a rabbit hole when trying to unearth specific information. Our goal with CannaSpyglass was to alleviate this administrative headache, providing a streamlined process to quality lead generation."

Today, CannaSpyglass stands as a valuable asset to a broad range of businesses in the cannabis industry. From operators to service providers like accounting firms, tax professionals, lighting providers, equipment manufacturers, banks, attorneys, and nutrient companies - all reap the benefits of the CannaSpyglass database. Data can either be downloaded directly or synced with CRM platforms like Salesforce via API integration.

Moreover, CannaSpyglass has gone beyond simply offering cannabis market data; it now provides data as a service, generating actionable insights for subscribers across different sectors.

"The 'service' component enables subscribers to request specific data, even if it's not readily available in our database. They can use the data request button, and we'll manually research the requested information and provide it back to them."


Why CannaSpyglass?

CannaSpyglass offers subscription services that provide dependable, on-demand, and exclusive cannabis industry analytics. Our insights cover vital data on cannabis cultivation, business statistics, and enterprise information within the rapidly growing cannabis sector. Whether you are an established industry leader seeking business expansion or a lawmaker requiring essential research to inform policy, our up-to-date, cloud-based data can be tailored to your specific interests and regions.