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Is 2024 the Year for Wisconsin Cannabis Legalization?

An image of a map focused on Wisconsin. The headline for this image on the blog is ‘Is 2024 the year for Wisconsin Cannabis legalization?’. CannaSpyglass offers cannabis data subscription services that provide dependable, on-demand, and exclusive industry analytics.

Wisconsin is emerging as a frontrunner for cannabis legalization in 2024 as discussions about establishing a medical marijuana program gain momentum.

“Like with any state market that comes on board with cannabis legalization, there’s much excitement coming from our clients about the potential opportunities,” said Adam Hutchinson, Founder of CannaSpyglass. “Our team is already getting inquiries about Wisconsin and is ready to expand our data solutions to this emerging market!”

Although past attempts at legalization have been unsuccessful, a new proposal has ignited excitement among cannabis supporters who eagerly anticipate the possibilities of a new market – despite disagreements on how it should operate. 

Proposed Wisconsin Cannabis Legislation

The Republican-proposed bill would effectively legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin for patients who suffer from specific medical conditions. Described by legislators as being modeled after Minnesota’s original medical program, the proposal prohibits smokable flower, opting instead for extracts and edibles, such as oils, pills, creams, and gummies. 

Under this proposal, the program would be limited to just five state-run dispensaries overseen by Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services, mandating the involvement of state-employed pharmacists in cannabis dispensing. However, this restriction has sparked considerable debate, with cannabis advocates expressing concern over the lack of involvement of private entities and the limited business opportunities. Resolving these disagreements will likely require a compromise for the bill to progress in the Senate later this year.

Despite the exclusion of independent businesses from the retail cannabis sector, the proposed legislation offers them the opportunity to seek licensure for cultivating and processing medical cannabis. These activities would be regulated by the state's Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

The Future of Cannabis in Wisconsin

With the legalization of cannabis gaining traction in neighboring states, there's mounting pressure for Wisconsin to follow suit. Michigan, Illinois, and most recently, Minnesota have all embraced adult-use cannabis, while Iowa has also already implemented a medical marijuana program.

Currently, Wisconsin does not allow medical or adult-use cannabis, and the state has strict laws to prevent cannabis use. Possession is deemed a misdemeanor under state law, carrying penalties of up to $1,000 in fines and six months of imprisonment. Repeat offenses could escalate to felony charges, entailing fines exceeding $10,000 and over 3½ years of incarceration. Despite these stringent laws, cannabis advocates remain optimistic about the prospects for legalization in 2024.

Support for cannabis legalization is growing, and although there are disagreements over provisions in the proposed bill, achieving legalization is feasible with backing from both the state's Assembly and governor.

While the medical marijuana bill is still up for debate, the future looks bright for this emerging market. Stay tuned to our CannaBites blog for additional updates about the Wisconsin cannabis market and the US cannabis industry!

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