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CannaSpyglass Becomes First Cannabis Data Analytics Company to Integrate with Artificial Intelligence

CannaSpyglass introducing ChatCSG. A first-of-its-kind conversational-style AI created specifically for the cannabis and hemp industries. CannaSpyglass is the most credible source for cannabis market data.

Our team at CannaSpyglass has been working hard to bring you the most advanced cannabis business technology, and we are excited to announce our newest upgrade – artificial intelligence!

“This advancement is just the latest in our ongoing commitment to improving the tools available to businesses in the cannabis industry,” said Adam Hutchinson, Founder of CannaSpyglass. “AI will not only enhance our data collection and quality but will also aid subscribers in gathering insights and ultimately improving their operations.”

Introducing ChatCSG

As part of our groundbreaking integration with artificial intelligence, we’ve launched ChatCSG – a first-of-its-kind conversational-style AI created specifically for the cannabis and hemp industries. This new feature is accessible to subscribers as soon as they log in, taking the place of the user dashboard and making it easy for users to start exploring. 

“ChatCSG is the result of months of product development and behind-the-scenes innovation,” said Adam Hutchinson. “We’re proud to release ChatCSG to the market and look forward to continuing to advance this offering with the input of our subscribers!”

Our innovative AI builds upon the most advanced artificial intelligence models available on the market and pulls from a specially developed and frequently updated database of cannabis knowledge, including news articles, laws and regulations, and other resources. Ask us anything about the dynamic world of cannabis or hemp, and our human-like responses will not only offer detailed insights but will also provide multiple sources for easy verification. 

To ensure that the information you’re using is both accurate and reliable, we’ve expanded on available AI technologies by leveraging a Retriever-Augmented Generation system. This ensures accurate, up-to-date, and truthful answers with traceability back to the sources of truth.

Business owners can leverage ChatCSG in various ways to enhance their operations, such as by asking specific questions related to cannabis business strategies or market trends. These valuable insights can help owners improve the convenience and availability of data-driven decision-making in their organizations. They can also aid in the crafting of business plans, marketing content, and more. With our new AI capabilities, the information you need is just a computer chat away!

Why CannaSpyglass?

CannaSpyglass offers cannabis data subscription services that provide dependable, on-demand, and exclusive industry analytics. Our insights cover vital data on cannabis cultivation, business statistics, and enterprise information within the rapidly growing cannabis sector. Whether you are an established industry leader seeking business expansion or a lawmaker requiring essential research to inform policy, our up-to-date, cloud-based data can be tailored to your specific interests and regions.